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This weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live brought out all the surprises — Macca, Madge and more — with Jimmy Fallon as host and Justin Timberlake as musical guest.

In his opening monologue, Fallon explained how he asked several of his musical idols to share the stage with him. “I’d like to sing with three of my friends. Mr. David Bowie, Bob Dylan and Sir Paul McCartney. Unfortunately they can’t be here. Traffic is tough this time of year and currently they’re all stuck in the Lincoln Tunnel,” he said. So, he had three empty mic stands where he would alternate from, mimicking each artist. Midway through his solo performance of “Joy to the World,” though Sir Paul walked out onstage to screams and asked if he could join in on the song. Joking that he was stuck in traffic — but then decided to take a Citi Bike — McCartney joined Fallon for a performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” 

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The Wings classic 'Live and Let Die' is featured on the original motion picture soundtrack of the forthcoming 'American Hustle'. Originally written for the 1973 James Bond film of the same name.

And now a fan (and ear-splitting!) live favourite, 'Live and Let Die' joins artists including Duke Ellington, Elton John, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes, Bee Gees, Donna Summer, ELO, Tom Jones and Danny Elfman on the soundtrack album. The David O. Russell directed film – which has just been nominated for 7 Golden Globe awards - tells the story of con man Irving Rosenfeld, played by Christian Bale. Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Jennifer Lawrence also feature in the film which opens in the cinemas across the US on the 20th December.

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Broadway producer Vivek Tiwary landed his very own, custom tour of The Beatles's native Liverpool, England as he researched the life of Fab Four manager Brian Epstein for a planned biopic.

Tiwary has been working on a movie version of his The Fifth Beatle graphic novel for some time, and he previously flew over to the U.K. to learn more about what life was like for the stars in their famous hometown. But instead of taking the typical Beatles history tour offered by local guides, he managed to score a personalised journey all about Epstein. Tiwary tells, "In my early days of research I asked the Magic Mystery Tour Bus folks if they would design a Brian Epstein heavy tour for me and take me to places a lot of typical Beatles fans may not care about. So we went to the place where Brian Epstein was born and the house that he grew up in; his flat (apartment) on Faulkner Street that he kept and gave to John (Lennon) and (first wife) Cynthia. When John got Cynthia pregnant Brian said you have to marry her and your child needs to have a proper home. 

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In 1967, the Beatles spent the last weekend in August in North Wales, attending a conference on “spiritual regeneration” hosted by the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Their entourage – wives, assistants, and friends, including Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull – numbered about sixty people, all of whom were housed in an otherwise empty student college dormitory. Everyone slept in tiny rooms with bunk beds and plain furniture, and everyone paid the same standard rate for lodging: £1.50 per night, including breakfast.

Members of the press were forbidden from the campus, and since only one person from the Beatles’ management team had a phone number with which to reach the group – to be used only in case of an emergency – it was expected to be a quiet weekend. But on the afternoon of August 27, the pay phone in the dormitory lobby just kept ringing and ringing. The news was devastating: Brian Epstein was dead. At that point, the cause of his demise had not yet been officially determined, but authorities noticed that his bedside table was details

Thousands of people spend their Christmas vacation at Walt Disney World each year. Nearly 40 years ago, one of those vacationers was John Lennon – and that trip included a historic event.

In 1974, John was in the midst of his 14 month separation from Yoko Ono – a period he called his “Lost Weekend” – and he decided on a whim to take son Julian and assistant/girlfriend May Pang to the Magic Kingdom. He booked a room at the Polynesian Village Hotel, now called Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Meanwhile, in London and New York, attorneys had finally put the finishing touches on the contractual paperwork that would solidify the Beatles’ breakup. The contract was four years in the making, and the other three Beatles were ready to sign. After years of red tape and millions of dollars spent, the official dissolution papers were drawn up and ready to be signed off on at the Plaza Hotel in New York in 1974. George and Paul had arranged to fly in and be present, while Ringo signed the necessary documents at an earlier details

The only child of John Lennon and Cynthia Powell (his father's first wife) Julian Lennon needs little introduction. Having just released an expanded version of his sixth album Everything Changes

 Julian Lennon took time out to speak to after a special screening of his new documentary Through The Picture Windowin Soho House Hotel, central London yesterday. The new documentary Through The Picture Window showcases and examines Julian’s work and relationships: what motivates and informs them; and in doing so, frames a revealing portrait of Julian Lennon the Artist: the inside truth about his music, his philanthropy, and his new-found love of photography. The lush and stylised film is packed full of fascinating imagery and exclusive interview footage featuring the likes of Bono, Steven Tyler, and of course, Julian himself. The interactive viewing mode of the documentary with animated butterflies tempts the user to explore the songs, videos and other content. 


Imagine that. John Lennon is getting a tribute on Mercury. The late Beatles legend is among 10 famous people who are having craters on the planet closest to the sun named after them by the International Astronomical Union.

The IAU, which is in charge of planetary and satellite nomenclature, named the craters in honor of "deceased artists, musicians, painters, and authors who have made outstanding or fundamental contributions to their field and have been recognized as art historically significant figures for more than 50 years." In addition to Lennon, the newly named craters are: Barney, for Natalie Clifford Barney (1876-1972), an American playwright, poet and novelist who lived as an ex-patriate in France. Berlioz, for Hector Berlioz (1803-1869), a French Romantic composer best known for his compositions “Symphonie fantastique” and “Grande messe des morts.” Calder, for Alexander Calder (1898-1976), an American sculptor best known as the originator of th details

'Cut Me Some Slack' Makes Oscar Longlist - Friday, December 20, 2013

'Cut Me Some Slack' - by the band unofficially dubbed Sirvana on Twitter – has been confirmed as a contender for the nominations in the 'Original Song' category at the 2014 Oscars.

Written, recorded and mixed in just a couple of hours last spring the barnstorming song features in Dave Grohl's 'Sound City - Real to Reel' documentary. The film tells the story of the legendary Sound City Studios and 'Cut Me Some Slack' is a highlight on the documentary's soundtrack. The band – comprised of Paul on vocals and guitar, Dave Grohl on drums and backing vocals, Krist Novoselic on bass and Pat Smear on guitar – performed the song live for the first time at 12-12-12 The Concert for Sandy Relief in December 2012. Subsequent performances have taken place on the 2012 Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live and at Paul's 'Out There' Seattle concert in July.

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The former wife of Beatles star Paul McCartney was accused on Thursday of allegedly abusing a Paralympic official earlier this week after failing to qualify for the British Paralympic ski team.

Heather Mills reportedly lunged at the official on Monday “in a fit of rage and screaming insults” after the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) ruled that a new prosthetic leg she had been using had not been ratified by the IPC; she had refused to wear the requisite cover on the prosthetic leg, citing “unnecessary weight” and “intolerable pain” when the cover locks to her leg. Subsequently, her application was withdrawn for a spot on the British ski team, which will travel to Russia in February for the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi. IPC spokesman Craig Spence said Mills verbally abused Sylvana Mestre and began to push her: According to the report, Mills will likely receive a fine equivalent to $1,370 and the incident will be reviewed by the IPC’s legal and ethics committee. Her coach, John Clarke, is reportedly planning to file a details

Paul McCartney's long and winding road might lead him back to Candlestick Park. Park officials remained hopeful Tuesday that Sir Paul would sing the 'Stick's swan song before the wrecking ball strikes the place down late in 2014.

The sides are trying to schedule a date that would return McCartney to the site of the Beatles' final concert in 1966. "Keep your fingers crossed. It's a possibility," said Phil Ginsburg, the general manager for San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department. The 49ers will bid farewell to their home since 1970 when they play the Atlanta Falcons next week on "Monday Night Football." Barring a shocking twist in the playoffs, it will be the last NFL game ever played at Candlestick Park. But the place won't be demolished until at least a year from now. And while the seats are for sale as souvenirs, they will remain intact until about this time next year. RPD officials say plenty more events "large and small" are on tap through 2014, including a community day that will give fans a chance to swing by to pay their respec details

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