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On December 15, 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono launched their global WAR IS OVER! campaign, protesting the Vietnam War.

On that day, they performed with the Plastic Ono Band at UNICEF’s “Peace for Christmas” concert in London.

Apparently, UNICEF arranged the performance without telling the performers. John and Yoko were surprised to hear the show announced in November, but they agreed to it because UNICEF’s mission was in line with their own peace campaign.

Other acts included the Young Rascals, Desmond Dekker and the Aces, Blue Mink and Black Velvet, and Emperor Rosko, but the highlight was the Plastic Ono Band – Eric Clapton, Klaus Voormann, Alan White, Billy Preston, and of course, John and Yoko – and their special guests, Keith Moon, Bobby Keyes, Jim Gordon, and George Harrison.

This marked the first time that Lennon and Harrison performed together in a scheduled concert since The Beatles‘ last show in 1966.

And even that wasn’t planned. The Plastic Ono details

Ringo Starr first learned he was receiving the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Award for Musical Excellence when Paul McCartney called him up about two weeks ago. "He said, 'Would you accept the award?'" Starr says. "I said, 'Sure, man.' He said he'd been talking to Dave Grohl and other people and they were stunned that I wasn't in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and he needed something to do that night and he's going to give me the award." Rolling Stone spoke to the affable drummer about his reaction and why he'll still be drumming.

Congratulations on the big news.
Yeah, the big news! My goodness! I'm so excited.

What was your first reaction?
I think it's good. I didn't know that George and John were in it. I'm not keeping up with it all the time. We'll have a very nice evening and it'll be my pleasure to receive the award.

So this isn't something you thought about much?
No. I didn't think about it much or expect it. This year has been quite bu details

Two famous meetings that The King of Rock and Roll had, first with The Beatles, and later with President Richard Nixon, are featured in the new London exhibit, "Elvis at the O2, The Exhibition of His Life," which opened on Friday.

In August 1965, The Beatles finally got to meet their idol, Elvis Presley, at his home in Los Angeles. It's no secret that Elvis was a huge influence on The Beatles to play rock and roll starting in their teenage years. "Nothing affected me until I heard Elvis. Without Elvis, there would be no Beatles," John Lennon said.

During the meeting, Elvis pulled out a white Fender bass guitar to play, much to Paul McCartney's delight. Meanwhile, Ringo Starr took up a game of pool with members of Elvis' entourage at Elvis' pool table, now referred to as the world's most valuable pool table.

Paul McCartney also recalls playing pool at Elvis' house: "We played a bit of pool with a few of his motorcycle mates."

This famous pool table, just transferred from the popu details

Flying solo? Bundled up in her camel coat, Nancy walked ahead of Paul while he was escorted through

They may have caught the same flight but Sir Paul McCartney, 72, and his 53-year-old wife Nancy were strides apart when they touched down at JFK International Airport, New York on Sunday.

After a long haul flight in from London, the married duo walked separately as they were escorted through arrivals, former Beatles singer Paul keeping a low profile a few paces behind in tinted shades. 

Paul cut a smart image with youthful touches including a padded jacket and black plimsolls, while his wife kept her ensemble hidden beneath a camel overcoat.

Nancy may not have modeled her usual polis details

Father Of Modern Baseball Cards' Dies - Monday, December 15, 2014

Even most non-sports fans know what a baseball card looks like. There's a color photo on the front, along with a player's name, team and position. Many have a copy of the player's autograph as well as the team logo. On the back is printed the player's stats along with his height, weight and maybe a fact or two.

It's been that way since 1952, when a Topps salesman named Seymour P. “Sy” Berger redesigned baseball cards for his company, coming up with the new format at his kitchen table in Brooklyn with artist Woody Gelman.

"We wanted to make something attractive that would catch the eye," Berger told The Associated Press in 2002. "And we gave you six cards and a slice of gum for a nickel."

Berger died of natural causes on Sunday at his Long Island home at the age of 91, more than 60 years after reinventing what would become almost as much of an American pastime as the sport itself.

"Before the days of ESPN and social media, everybody's connection to the players were through the cards," Marty Appel, former spokesman for the New York Yanke details

1 of 2 A Murray Christmas 2 is available to buy in shops now
A Murray Christmas 2 is available to buy in shops now
2 of 2 Damien Dempsey's new charity single Happy Xmas (War is Over) is available from iTunes, or your usual download store
Damien Dempsey's new charity single Happy Xmas (War is Over) is available from iTunes, or your usual download store

Pop icon SIR PAUL MCCARTNEY is useless at video games - even when playing as himself in a BEATLES simulator.

The legendary musician admits he is hopeless whenever his children challenge him to a go on the games console, and he couldn't even improve his reputation by playing bass on Xbox favorite The Beatles: Rock Band.

The game involves players imitating a member of the Fab Four and playing the music for their songs, but McCartney even failed at that.

He tells NME magazine, "I played that with my kids and they creamed me. I even played the bass thinking I'd have an edge, but it's all these little bombs coming at you and it's not like playing the bass for real. I just said, 'It doesn't matter if I win or lose - I wrote it.'"


Drew Harrison plans to sing “Imagine” on Dec. 31, just as he has done each New Year’s Eve for the past 38 years. In many ways, he feels it to be the perfect song for fresh starts. It is, as he says, “about possibilities, and it means as much to me now as it ever has.”

Harrison is the John Lennon of the Sun Kings, one of many Beatles tribute bands out there, but one he says is different from the others. Rain, for instance, looks back at the history of the band. The Sun Kings, in its own way, looks forward.

“We try to answer the question, ‘What would it have been like if they had not broken up in 1971?’” he says. “We create the experience you would have had, and we make the music as authentic as we can.”

Calling from a pub in the Czech Republic, Harrison and his bandmates are set to play Harr details

RARE autographs of the Beatles, collected by a fan who spotted them staying in Newquay during their Magical Mystery Tour almost 50 years ago, are to go on sale at a London auction house today.

The signatures of John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison all feature on a page torn from an old address book which once belonged to a fan named Stella.

After learning that the Fab Four were staying at the town's Atlantic Hotel in September 1967 after filming in Bodmin, Stella approached three of the band members for their autographs.

In The Complete Beatles Chronicle, author Mark Lewisohn wrote: "The Beatles intended to stop here [Newquay] for just one night, but after considerable private discussion, in which they weighed up the merits of either moving on to a new hotel each day or staying put in one location and using it as a base, they opted for the latter alternative and decided to remain at the Atlantic for three nights, Tuesday to Thursday – September 12-14, 1967 – staying in four holiday flats. Much filming was done on Wednesday, September 13, b details

Devolver Digital Films is proud to announce the digital VOD release of The Beatles tribute documentary, Come Together. Directed by Steve Ison and John Scofield, Come Together features performances by ten of an estimated 8,000 international Beatles tribute bands keeping the legacy of The Fab Four alive around the world. Come Together was filmed primarily in and around Liverpool, the birthplace of The Beatles -- including the world famous Cavern Club where they were discovered -- during International Beatleweek, five decades after the band was formed in 1960. Julia Baird, the sister of John Lennon, narrated the film. In addition to entertaining viewers, Come Together demonstrates the impact of The Beatles on global culture. Watch the trailer below!

The film's digital VOD release is scheduled for February 3, 2015 via iTunes, Amazon Instant Video HD, PlayStation, Xbox, VUDU, Vimeo on Demand, VHX, Gumroad, Google Play, YouTube Rentals, and others. For additional information, visit

"The idea for the documentary came when I went to Liverpool seve details

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