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Julian Lennon Records New Song For Charity - Thursday, October 02, 2014

Featuring poignant vocals by Lennon backed by a hypnotic Brazilian rhythm by Flavio Pimenta and the students of Meninos do Morumbi, the track includes Lennon’s longtime friend, co-writer & guitarist, Justin Clayton, with additional percussion provided by Meninos do Morumbi alumnus Julio Santos. Grammy Award winning producer John Jones, who is featured on bass, guitars and keyboards, first conceived the project. Jones has worked with Paul McCartney, Celine Dion, Sir George Martin, and Fleetwood Mac, among others. “I don’t know how we could have had a better singer or human being to share this song with,” said Jones. “His great voice, and his natural empathy for the plight of children, made him a perfect fit.” Julian Lennon, who embraces both environmental and humanitarian issues, launched his career with 1984’s Valotte, produced by Phil Ramone, earning him a Grammy Award nomination for Best New Artist in 1985 and spawning two top ten hits, title track “Valotte” and “Too Late for Goodbyes.&rdquo details

The iconic Strawberry Field gates are to return to their rightful home in South Liverpool. The wrought-iron gates which were put in storage for safe keeping by the Salvation Army which owns the Beaconsfield Road site, are to be put on permanent public display in the grounds if city planners give approval next week. The site was immortalised by the Beatles’ hit Strawberry Fields Forever, but are no longer in place, having been replaced with a replica. The charity wants to transform the building into a centre for people with learning difficulties, where they can learn everything from gardening to catering. As part of the plans to go before next week’s planning committee, the 1970s buildings which were put up following the demolition of the original children’s home that captured John Lennon’s imagination, are to be demolished. As well as the new state-of-the-art facility, Beatles’ fans who visit the site every year will be able to go into the cafe and grounds and view a heritage exhibit which will explore the history of both The ‘Sally Army’ an details

Ed Sheeran sought life advice from Sir Paul McCartney. The 'Sing' hitmaker spoke to the music legend at an Oscars after-party and the Beatles singer encouraged the flame-haired star to take note of how other big names, such as Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohland Justin Timberlake, interact with people. He said: ''[Paul] was chatting to my cousin for ages, and the last time I'd seen him, he was being lovely to my dad. ''I asked why he takes time to speak to everyone, and he said, 'If you look at every big star in the world, from Beyonce to Dave Grohl to Justin Timberlake, they are lovely because they're all comfortable in their own space.' ''It is easier when you are comfortable with yourself and what you've achieved - you don't have to put up a front. And it's a better way of living, being happier and not bitter.''

While the 23-year-old star w details

Bids Pass $25k for Rare Beatles Album - Tuesday, September 30, 2014 - A bidding-war is underway for a scarce fully-signed Beatles album on eBay. Where the price has been pushed to $25,000 with 5-days remaining in the auctionThe record, Please Please Me, is listed as a mint-condition (PSA 9) example, and described by the seller as "an artifact worthy of the finest museum-grade collections." The upper-back-side of the sleeve has a signatures from each member of the group (George Harrison, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and Ringo Starr). Why's It Valuable? At this time... when it comes to memorabilia. You can't do much better than early Beatles items. They're an iconic group with millions of loyal fans worldwide. Even fifty-years-later their music continues to have a demand. When you consider their huge fan base and small amount of early memorabilia available.

Finding a fully-signed record in mint condition (fifty-years later) is exceptionally rare. Extraordinary. Taking all of this into consideration... you have makings of a perfect-storm that's bound to capture the attention of th details

Wings have unveiled a new lyric video for single 'Call Me Back Again', which somewhat surprisingly features Paul McCartney's actual phone number. Set to feature on the forthcoming reissue of Venus and Mars on 3 November, the video plays around the single's telephone-related lyrical content, with the number of McCartney's childhood home featuring heavily throughout the clip alongside other archive material from his formative years.

Fans expecting to get hold of The Beatle will naturally be disappointed as the number is no longer in use: he's not Banks after all. 


On Sept. 26, 1969, 45 years ago today, the Beatles' Abbey Road entered the world and closed the recording career of rock's most celebrated band. The existence of Abbey Road is practically a miracle -- when the Beatles emerged from the Let It Be sessions, the group was fraught with tensions and on the verge of breaking up. They were arguing not only over music -- their unhappiness with the mixing of Let It Be held up its release until eight months after Abbey Road came out -- but business as well. Their Apple Records label was proving to be a professional time suck, and the group was bitterly torn over who to hire as their new business manager. But by most accounts, the recording of Abbey Road was relatively painless and drama-free -- perhaps because the Fab Four knew it would be their last album together. "Nobody then was sure it was going to be the last one, but it felt like it was," producer George Martin recalled in The Beatle details

#FanArtFriday - Monday, September 29, 2014

For the past year we have been regramming our favourite fan images at the 'NEW' Instagram account. We've been so impressed by all of the talent and creativity #OutThere that we've decided to create a brand new feature called #FanArtFriday. We will be posting a piece of fan art under the hashtag #FanArtFriday every Friday on Paul's social pages. We're asking you to post your pictures to Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #whatsnewpaul.

Our favourites will also be used in a new #FanArtFriday website photo collection. We'll be showing the best ones to Paul so be as creative as possible! 

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Norah Jones closed out Conan's George Harrison Week on Thursday night, and the results were as soulful as expected. The jazz-pop singer – whose father, sitar master Ravi Shankar, was one of Harrison's mentors and collaborators – delivered a silky version of "Behind That Locked Door," a country-tinged track from the guitar icon's 1970 solo triple-LP, All Things Must Pass. That classic album was featured heavily during the week-long tribute. On Wednesday's episode, Dhani Harrison honored his father by playing a brass-driven rendition of "Let It Down" and a hard-rocking take on "Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)," joined by Los Angeles band Big Black Delta on the latter tune; Beck took a jovial stab at "Wah-Wah" on Monday's kick-off. On Tuesday, Paul  Simon acknowledged Harrison's work with the Beatles, performing a stripped-down "Here Comes the Sun." He also reflected on his many visits to t details

The track will be released in support of Samuel L. Jackson's cancer charity One For The Boys. Other celebrities featured include Game Of Thrones actress Maisie Williams and model Daisy Lowe, while Jackson will also provide vocals. The recording session at Abbey Road Studios was reportedly hosted by BBC Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw earlier this week. 'Say Something' will challenge The X Factor 2014 champion for Christmas number one. McCartney will soon release a special Collector's Edition of his album New, featuring two previously unreleased songs, live recordings from his concert at the Tokyo Dome, and a documentary about the making of the album. 

His Destiny theme song was also recently posted online, with YouTube user Kilo Juliett posting the track as part of the game's end credits sequence. 


Like most of John Lennon‘s solo albums, his fifth, ‘Walls and Bridges,’ came with its fair share of bumps along the way. And like much of Lennon’s work starting around the time the Beatles were working on the “White Album,” many of those bumps were spurred by Yoko Ono. While recording his fourth solo record, ‘Mind Games,’ in 1973, Lennon and Ono split up. His year-and-a-half separation from her became known as Lennon’s Lost Weekend, a fabled period that lasted way longer than a weekend, and included such figures as Ono’s personal assistant (with whom Lennon shacked up), Harry Nilsson and Phil Spector. Lennon was about a year into his break from Ono — and about a month removed from wrapping work on Nilsson’s ‘Pussy Cats’ album — when he began recording ‘Walls and Bridges’ in New York in July 1974. About nine months earlier, Lennon had holed up with legendary producer Spector (who had also assembled the Beatles’ final album, details

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