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Paul the Beatle lit up the stage at Armstrong Auditorium, performing songs spanning across the great history of the Beatles.

Paul opened up with “All My Lovin” from the Beatles’ second album With the Beatles.

Following performances of “I Saw Her Standing There”, “Yesterday” and “We Can Work it Out”, a medley of some of the Beatles’ most famous songs, including “A Hard Day’s Night”, “Help”, “In My Life”, “Come Together” and “Imagine”, was sung.

For this medley, a costume change was performed, and John Lennon came out to declare his creative dominance over the rest of the group.

Paul returned, then jumped to 1966, performing “Here, There & Everywhere”, “Got to Get You into My Life”, from the album Revolver.

A move to 1967 and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band produced performances of “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”, “With a Little Help From My Friends”, “She’s Leaving Home” and “When I’m Sixty-Four”.

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One of the best parts about searching The Times-Picayune archives is unexpectedly tripping over a little piece of treasure, like this photo of Paul and Linda McCartney accepting a golden Zulu coconut in 1975. I was researching photos for a retrospective on the Krewe of Zulu when this gem popped up.

I had questions. Who was the dapper gentleman in the middle presenting the coconut? In the original photo, he was only identified as "Zulu official.'' Where was this photo taken? Who is the little girl?

The best person to answer these sorts of questions is Clarence Becknell, longtime historian for Zulu. After looking at the photo, Becknell correctly identified the man in the middle as Harold Doley Jr., who was son of that year’s King Zulu, Harold Doley. Doley Jr. now lives in New York City, and at age 71, is still working in investment banking. I emailed him the picture, and he said, "That photo brought back so many memories.''




He is one of the most legendary musicians of all time, founder member of iconic band The Beatles, has sold more than 800m records and won 18 Grammy awards and an Oscar.

And after nearly six decades in the music industry, Sir Paul McCartney said he'd finally 'made it' as he was honoured with a Gold Blue Peter Badge.

The Hey Jude hitmaker, 76, received the glittering accessory before his performance at London's The O2 in December, with the presentation to be aired on Thursday's episode of the children's show.
Iconic: After nearly six decades in the music industry, Sir Paul McCartney said he'd finally 'made it' as he was honoured with a Gold Blue Peter BadgeFab Four: Paul is the founder member of iconic band The Beatles, has sold more than 800m records and won 18 Grammy awards and an Oscar (pictured with bandmates Ringo Starr, John Lennon, and George Harrison in 1965)



Beatles Pre-Breakup Letters Are for Sale - Sunday, February 03, 2019

A pair of legal letters that foretold the eventual dissolution of the Beatles are now for sale.

Both letters, from January 1969 and April 1969, were sent to John Eastman and Lee Eastman, the father and brother of Linda Eastman, who would marry Paul McCartney in March 1969.

Moments in Time is selling both letters: The January 1969 letter is available for $225,000, while the April 1969 letter has an asking price of $325,000.

The January 1969 letter, signed by all four Beatles as well as Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall, is addressed to John Eastman informing him that “we retain you and authorise you to act on our behalf in negotiations in respect of all contracts proposed.”

However, three months later, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr sent a signed letter to Lee Eastman severing the professional relationship; the other three Beatles aligned with the Rolling Stones’ manager Allan Klein while McCartney remained with his father- and brother-in-law.

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The news, earlier this week, that Peter Jackson was to direct a new documentary from Let It Be footage brings full circle one of the weirder footnotes in The Beatles’ career. In 1968, while The Beatles visited Rishikesh in northern India, Denis O’Dell – the head of Apple Films – was in the process of renegotiate The Beatles’ film contracts. Among the ideas discussed for a new Fabs’ film was… Tolkein’s epic. Here’s O’Dell, from an interview I conducted with him a couple of years ago to tell all…

"They were out in India. I declined to go. I got a telegram one day. Paul again. ‘Denis, come out right away.’ So I went out there. Before, while they were there, I’d had meetings in New York with David Picker, who was head of UA at the time. I was going there to renegotiate The Beatles contracts in the event they did a film. That was great but the weakness was, they didn’t have a film. Everything you suggested, you couldn’t get agreement. I was going up in the elevator to David’s office and I thought, ‘Christ. The Tolkein. Four little people, with Donovan as well.’ I said to David Picker, ‘Can I get ten minut details

When The Beatles officially called it quits in 1970, there were several signs along the way the boys weren't getting along ... including a harsh letter to Paul's lawyer signed by John, George and Ringo.

Now that document can be yours ... if you have a big stack of cash to spare.

The letter, dated April 18, 1969, informs Lee Eastman that he's "not authorized to act or to hold yourself out as the attourney or legal representative of 'The Beatles.'" It goes on to acknowledge Eastman reps Paul McCartney personally ... but that's it.

This document's signed by John Lennon, Richard Starkey (aka Ringo) and George Harrison ... and it's currently on sale for $325k.

There's another letter up for grabs too -- signed by the entire Fab Four -- that's a little more friendly. It's from January 1969 and confirms that attorney John Eastman is authorized to handle the band's contract negotiations "in accordance with our instructions." This one's for sale for $225k.




For years Andy Warhol’s preferred method of artistic documentation was the use of a Polaroid camera.

Whether shooting his subjects at his iconic factory studios or, in some instances, creating developing and depicting his ‘Warhol’s Queens’ a collection, the American artist quite regularly had a Polaroid within reach.

Now, a new exhibition is heading to London and collects Warhol’s most memorable photographs. The new show will open at London’s Bastian Gallery in Mayfair from February 2nd until April 13th. Armed with more than 60 portrait and self-portrait Polaroid pictures taken by Warhol himself, the exhibition will also boast some previously unseen shots.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the hotbed of activity his New York factory studio was during the height of his fame, numerous images include some extremely well known faces. “My idea of a good picture is one that’s in focus and of a famous person doing something unfamous. It’s being in the right place at the wrong time,” Warhol famously once said.

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During a recent interview with Express, The Beatles biographer Barry Miles has revealed little-known truth about the relationship between The Beatles members, John Lennon and Paul McCartney.

He said that “The songwriting relationship and friendship was so deep that it transcended any bickering over money or management“, and continued:

“Paul said that on a number of occasions they’d be in the middle of an argument and John would just pull his little granny glasses down the end of his nose, look over the top and say, ‘It’s only me’ and then go back to shouting and blinding and swearing.

You can’t go through something like Beatlemania without being totally close to the other members. For all those years they were in that strange bubble, just travelling around the world.”

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Dublin will host a unique charity 24-hour Timed Online Auction of Elvis and The Beatles on Valentine's Day.

Wilsons Auctions will host the event, featuring over 200 Lots of Elvis and The Beatles music including vinyls, CDs and memorabilia.

All money raised by the auction will go to the owner of the collection to help fund his care with Motor Neuron Disease / ALS.

The auction is guaranteed to set hearts racing for fans of the King of Rock n Roll with the opportunity to purchase from a wide selection of Elvis LPs, CDs and boxsets.

Elvis vinyls include Graceland, Elvis Rocks and the Girls Roll, Aloha from Hawaii, Guitar Man, The Sound of Your Cry, Inspirations and This is Elvis.

Memorabilia on offer will include magazines, posters, trading cards, Elvis ties, cufflinks, paperweights and a framed Elvis Truth About Me vinyl.

The auction will also include a selection of vinyls and CDs from the Fab Four as well as solo material from Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

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If you’ve had “A Hard Day’s Night,” and “All You Need Is Love,” then give a “Shout” because “Help!” is on the way! The McCartney Project, America’s No. 1 live concert tribute to Paul McCartney, Wings and The Beatles, takes center stage at the Athens Theatre in DeLand, for one night only, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 7.

The McCartney Project covers more than three decades of the most popular Beatles chart-toppers, through the monster hits of Wings, and more.

Each song replicates the authentic, iconic sound of Paul McCartney’s music. This is a fun, high-energy show, from the opening song through the closing encore. This family-friendly concert is a wonderful opportunity to introduce the kids or grandkids to Sir Paul’s unforgettable music.

Leading The McCartney Project is Tony Burlingame. He has been paying tribute to Paul McCartney for years, and bears an uncanny resemblance. His voice, mannerisms, and left-handed bass-playing, along with the very talented McCartney Project Band, deliver the ultimate McCartney experience.



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