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Since Paul McCartney’s 70th birthday is this week, most of the major media will be focusing on his most popular moments. His iconic Beatles anthems, beloved Wings singles, and No.1 solo hits will be on everybody’s radar. But instead of praising “Let It Be”, “Band on the Run”, or “Hey Jude”, let’s put the spotlight on the lesser-known songs in McCartney’s catalogue. Despite the fact that the following songs were either never released as a single or just aren’t played on the radio enough, they reveal the talent and personality behind one of the most successful and influential musicians of all time. 
The epitome of underrated, “Cage” didn’t even make it onto an album. But the neglected Wings’ castoff has worked its way into the hearts of die-hard McCartney fans thanks to a few bootlegs. Wikipedia calls it “exquisite”. I call it a cat details



LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - June 11, 2012) - George Harrison once again topped the charts when the 2-DVD set of Martin Scorsese's GEORGE HARRISON: LIVING IN THE MATERIAL WORLDdebuted at No. 1 in North America in its first week of release. The DVD has remained in the Top 5 spots on the charts for 5 consecutive weeks. Marking more milestones in an enduring legacy, the critically acclaimed DVD is Harrison's third No. 1 release, his highest charting DVD and was just certified platinum by the RIAA in the U.S. and double platinum in Canada.





Sir Paul McCartney once sang of being washed-up and unlovable When I’m Sixty-Four.


But as he reaches the even grander old age of 70, his gloomy teenage predictions seem wider of the mark than ever.

Macca enters his eighth decade knowing he is adored as a music icon and national treasure — and he is one who is still not resting on his laurels.

Rather than put his slippered feet up, Sir Paul is busy touring and recordin details


Something in the way she moves...led them to the altar.

Dhani Harrison, the 33-year-old son of late Beatle George Harrison and George's second wife, Olivia, secretly tied the knot with Icelandic former model Sólveig Káradóttir over the weekend in his native Southern England.

And wouldn't you know it, Stella McCartney designed her dress!

Per the UK's  details


Apparently, love isn’t all you need.

The Beatles museum in Hamburg, Germany, is closing its doors at the end of the month amid a disappointing lack of day-trippers making visits, Britain’s NME Magazine is reporting.

Despite boasting more than 1,000 pieces of rare memorabilia on display through its five stories, the Beatlemania museum drew only 150,000 visitors since it opened in May 2009, according to the report.



The iconic Twickenham film studios, which made the Beatles films, Blade Runner and War Horse, has been saved from closure following a celebrity-backed campaign.

Big names in the film industry such as Colin Firth, Steven Spielberg and Sir Paul McCartney signed a petition to save the studios which had gone into administration.

There had been plans to demolish the 99-year-old building and redevelop the site to make way for housing, prompting a fierce campaign from local residents and those involved in the film industry.



ON the evening of Wednesday, June 6, 1962, a white panel van pulled up outside 3 Abbey Road, London. Four young guys wearing black leather coats removed their guitars, drum kit and sound equipment from the van and entered the building, proceeding to Studio Three. They were the Beatles and they had an appointment with George Martin. He was the artiste and repertoire head of Parlophone Records, a small label within the EMI stable known for producing novelty and comedy recordings by the likes of Peter Sellers and others.

The Beatles were anxious to clinch a recording contract after being turned down by three of the then big labels — Decca, Pye and Philips. Their audition with George Mar details

50 years of Beatle mania - Tuesday, June 12, 2012


THE revolution that would change music, fashion and youth culture forever started quietly enough in a London studio on June 6, 1962, when four young Liverpudlians performed Love Me Do. The ground-breaking songs that followed drove fans to hysteria and musical rivals to despair. Beatlemania had begun...

The oldest of the four was 21, the youngest 19. They were in London, unfamiliar territory. Unfriendly, too. Five months earlier, they had travelled on snow-covered roads from Liverpool on the last day of 1961 to audition for Decca records and it hadn't worked out. The group's performance had been jittery, almost comical in its displays of nervousness. The head of Decca, rejec details


Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live he said "I've been booked," and added that he would be "closing the opening".

A total cast of 15,000 will take part in the Olympic and Paralympic opening and closing ceremonies, to be watched by an estimated four billion people worldwide.

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SIR Paul McCartney brought a star studded concert in tribute to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to a close last night.

The royals all stood as he started off with a Beatles favourite Magical Mystery Tour.


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