Beatles 50th Blog posts of '2013' 'August'

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Monday, September 16, to Monday, September 30 1963

The Beatles are on VACATION!

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Sunday, September 15, 1963

Royal Albert Hall, London

The Beatles headed this afternoon show, the annual "Great Pop Prom" promoted by Valentine, Marilyn and Roxy magazines in aid of the Printers' Pension Corporation. Eleven other acts appeared, including the Rolling Stones, DJ Alan Freeman was the compere.

On September 16th, the Beatles took off for holidays, John and his wife Cynthia traveled to Paris, where they were joined by Brian Epstein, George, with his brother Peter, visited his sister Louise in the USA, who had emigrated to Benton, Illinois in 1954, and Paul and Ringo went to Greece.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Saturday, September 14, 1963

The Beatles - (Victory) Memorial Hall, Northwich

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : Friday, September 13, 1963

Public Hall, Preston

After this show, Paul drove 25 miles to the Imperial Ballroom in Nelson, arriving just after midnight, to appear on a panel judging the "Imperial Miss 1963" contest, part of the annual "Young Ones" Ball, sponsored by the local newspaper - the "Nelson Leader".