Beatles 50th Blog posts of '2014' 'May'

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 6, 1964 (Monday)

The Beatles’ first feature film, A Hard Day’s Night, had its première at the London Pavilion.

The première was attended by The Beatles and their wives and girlfriends, and a host of important guests including Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon. Nearby Piccadilly Circus was closed to traffic as 12,000 fans jostled for a glimpse of the group.

I remember Piccadilly being completely filled. We thought we would just show up in our limo, but it couldn’t get through for all the people. It wasn’t frightening – we never seemed to get worried by crowds. It always appeared to be a friendly crowd; there never seemed to be a violent face.
Paul McCartney

It was a charity event held in support of the Variety Club Heart Fund and the Docklands Settlements, and the most expensive tickets cost 15 guineas (£15.75).

After the screening The Beatles, the royal party and other guests including The Rolling Stones enjoyed a champagne supper party at the Dorchester Hotel, after which some of them adjourned to the Ad Lib Club until the early hours of the morning.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 5, 1964 (Sunday)

Time off for the Beatles

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 4, 1964 (Saturday)

The Beatles enjoying some time off.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 3, 1964 (Friday)

The Beatles taking a rest after the long tour.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 2, 1964 (Thursday)

The Beatles had arrived at London Airport at 11.10am, following their flight back from Sydney, Australia. In the afternoon John Lennon and Paul McCartney attended a recording session at EMI Studios, Abbey Road, in which Cilla Black recorded their song It’s For You.

The song was produced by George Martin. McCartney played piano, and both he and Lennon suggested ideas for the recording – not all of which were welcomed by the singer.

Paul was at the recording session when I made Anyone Who Had A Heart. He said that he liked the composition and he and John would try to produce something similar. Well they came up with this new number, but for my money it’s nothing like the Anyone composition. That was some session we had when I made the new recording. John and Paul joined me, and George Martin. We made one track and then everyone had a go at suggesting how they thought it should be recorded. And everyone had different ideas. George said it should be one way, Paul and John another and I just added my suggestions while they were thinking of what else they could do with the composition.
         Cilla Black
The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : July 1, 1964 (Wednesday)

The Beatles flew out of Brisbane, changing planes again in Sydney. After refueling stops in Singapore and Frankfurt, their Quantas flight touched down at London Airport on July 2nd.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : June 30, 1964 (Tuesday)

The Beatles’ 1964 world tour ended on this night, with two shows at the Festival Hall in Brisbane. Each of the concerts was seen by 5,500 fans.

During the day they took two hire cars to the Gold Coast, where they spent time relaxing on a stretch of sand between Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise.

The Beatles returned to Lennons Hotel in Brisbane after their second concert of the night. The following day they began their long return journey back to England.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : June 29, 1964 (Monday)

Festival Hall, Charlotte St. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Four shows over two nights, each before 5500 people, closed the Beatles hectic tour of the Antipodes.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : June 28, 1964 (Sunday)

The Beatles flew out of Christchurch for Sydney, Australia, switching planes in Auckland. From Sydney they changed planes again, landing in Brisbane just after midnight.

The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today : June 27, 1964 (Saturday)

Majestic Theatre, Manchester St. Christchurch, South Island, New Zealand

Around 5,000 fans greeted The Beatles as their aeroplane from Dunedin landed in Christchurch, New Zealand.

The fans were also lined up along the route The Beatles’ limousine took to the Clarendon Hotel in Christchurch city centre, where the group was staying. At one point a 13-year-old girl threw herself in front of the car, bouncing off the bonnet and onto the road. The Beatles took her to their hotel, gave her coffee and made sure she was unhurt.

At the hotel some male fans hid in a closet, intending to cut The Beatles’ hair in an attempt to impress their girlfriends. They were discovered before they could encounter the group, but the men got away down the fire escape.

The Majestic Theatre was an Art Deco cinema dating from 1930, and hosted a number of music performances during the 1960s including The Kinks, The Dave Clark Five and Manfred Mann. In 1970 it became a nightclub and was later converted into a church.

This was The Beatles’ only concert in Christchurch, and their final one in New Zealand.