The Beatles - A Day in The Life: December 18, 1968

At the Roayl Albert Hall in London, John Lennon and Yoko Ono appeared onstage in a white bag as part of the Underground Christmas Party. The event was held by the Arts Lab, trying to encourage them to become active participants rather than passive consumers.

Lennon and Ono sat on the side of the stage as other poets and musicians performed at the event. When their time came, they entered the bag, remaining there while a man played a flute. The couple's 30-minute conceptual performance was titled Alchemical Wedding. The bag was, they explained, to ensure "total communication" with the audience. The following year the concept was reintroduced by the pair as Bagism, an attempt to satirize prejudice and stereotyping.

During the performance a protestor ran to the stage, holding a banner about the British government's involvement in the Nigerian civil war. "Do you care, John Lennon? Do you care?" the protestor shouted at the couple.

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