The Beatles 50 years ago today: July 11, 1964 ( Saturday)

Teddington Studio Centre, Teddington

A rare live appearance on the ABC Television programme Lucky Stars (Summer Spin), rare because performances for this show and its non-summer incarnation Thank Your Lucky Stars were usually taped six days ahead of transmission. This appearance would have been, too, were it not for an ITV technicians strike which aborted plans to pre-tape at the Alpha studios in Aston, Birmingham, the previous Sunday, July 5th.

Following their A Hard Day's Night northern premiere celebrations, the Beatles had left Liverpool airport at 1:30 am, arriving at London Airport at 3:00 am. After a few hours sleep, the group re-assembled in Central London, boarded a boat and travelled down the River Thames to ABC's Teddinton Studio Centre, which has its own mooring platform, arriving there at 1:45 pm for afternoon rehearsals and the 5:50 to 6:35 live transmission, in which they mimed to "A Hard Day's Night", "Long Tall Sally", "Things We Said Today", and "You Can't Do That".

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