The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: June 2, 1966

Studio Two, EMI Studios, London

In securing an unprecedented three compositions on a 14 song Beatles album, George was having problems with his titles. What was in the end to become "Love You To", itself a title not mentioned in the lyric, had the working name "Granny Smith", after the brand of apple. Now, for the song "I Want To Tell You", the problem arose again. George Martin asked George Harrison for the title, the latter replied "I don't know" (because of which, it was actually called this for a brief time) and it was left to Geoff Emerick to dub the new son "Laxton's Superb", another type of British apple. Only later did it become "I Want To Tell You".

Apart from the production of a rough mono mix of "Yellow Submarine", all of this 7:00pm - 3:30 am session was spent recording "Laxton's Superb", taping the rhythm track in five takes, overdubbing onto the third of these and then making a reduction mixdown, called take four, to facilitate more overdubbing the next night.

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