The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: May 12, 1966

Studio Three, EMI Studios, London

By making Help! a seven-song Beatles album and reducing Rubber Soul to 12 songs (two of those refugees from the British Help! LP) Capitol Records had, by 1966, almost enough material to compile a new album of songs unissued in the US to that time. There were eight available, three more would be ideal, so an application was made for three of the new Revolver recordings to be sent across for release a few months earlier than planned. The answer was positive and mono mixes and edits made this day of "Doctor Robert", "I'm Only Sleeping" and "And Your Bird Can Sing", were done for just a purpose.

Yesterday....And Today was issued by Capitol on Monday, June 20th, but these three songs were later mixed again for the British Revolver LP, causing some slight differences between the two sets.


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