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The Beatles 50 Years Ago Today: September 2, 1964 (Wednesday)-

Convention Hall, 34th St. and Curie Ave. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

The Beatles performed before an audience of 12,037 at the Convention Hall, part of the Philadelphia Civic Center.

Also on the bill were, in order of appearance, The Bill Black Combo, The Exciters, Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry, and Jackie DeShannon. Henry joined the tour on this date, replacing The Righteous Brothers who had complained to Brian Epstein that their music was drowned out by the audience’s cheers for The Beatles.

A few days before the concert there were race riots in Philadelphia. To The Beatles’ disgust, the audience at the Convention Hall was all-white. The concert was broadcast live on local radio.

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: September 1, 1964 (Tuesday)-

Another day of rest during the US tour

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 31, 1964 (Monday)-

A day of rest on the US tour.

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 30, 1964 (Sunday)-

Convention Hall, Mississippi Ave and The Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

For this show, 18,000 teenagers packed the Convention Hall. The Democratic National Convention had taken place here a week earlier and newspapers reported The Beatles received a boisterous reception than the speech by Lyndon B. Johnson.

During their stay in Atlantic City, John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote the song Every Little Thing, which appeared on the Beatles For Sale album at the end of 1964.

Just to give you an idea of what ticket prices were back then......

Location Color Admission Comments
Balcony Orange $ 2.75  
Balcony Green $ 4.90  
Main floor Peach $ 2.75  
Main floor White $ 3.90  
Main Floor Red $ 4.90  
Musicians Balcony Unreserved Olive $ 2.75  
Ringside Gold $ 5.50  
Ringside Silver $ 5.50  

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 29, 1964 (Saturday)-

Forest Hills, New York, USA

The second night at Forest hills Tennis Stadium. What memories!

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 28, 1964 (Friday)-

Forest Hills, New York, USA

The first of two performances, in front of 16,000 fans at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York City.

The Beatles had landed at 3.02am that morning at Kennedy Airport, and were greeted by 3,000 waiting fans. They were driven to the Delmonico Hotel on Park Avenue and 59th Street where more fans were waiting, even though their stay was supposed to be a secret.

One fan, Angie McGowan, snatched Ringo Starr‘s St Christopher medallion as he made his way inside the hotel, although she returned it later that day at their pre-show press conference. The fans were dispersed by police at 4am. By the time The Beatles awoke later that morning thousands more fans were outside.

The Beatles were flown to the stadium by helicopter, which departed late as the pilot didn’t have permission to depart. They took to the stage at 9.50pm, later than expeced.

Tickets for each of the venue’s 15,983 seats wertra ones were added at the high price of $6.50. The audience were kept from the stage by an eight-foot high fence topped with barbed wire.

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 27, 1964 (Thursday)-

Cincinnati Gardens, Seymour Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

The Beatles gave one performance in Cincinnati, before 14,000 fans, immediately after they flew to New York City, landing at 2:55 am to a reception from 2,000 fans.

Meanwhile, earlier on this day, prior to setting the tapes upon the shelf, Capitol producer Voyle Gilmore and balance engineer Hugh Davies made stereo mixes of the previous Sunday's Hollywood Bowl concert recording, mixed down to two-track, with added equlisation, reverb and limiting. The material, in order was "Introduction" (by announcer), "Twist And Shout", "You Can't Do That", "All My Loving", "She Loves You", "Things We Said Today", "Roll Over Beethoven", "Can't Buy Me Love", "If I Fell", "I Want To Hold Your Hand", "Boys", "A Hard Day's Night", and "Long Tall Sally".

All that could be heard of this material until 1977 was a 48 second extract of "Twist And Shout" on the US only album "The Beatles Story" released on November 23, 1964.

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 26, 1964 (Wednesday)-

Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Lawrence St. Denver, Colorado, USA

Only 7,000 fans turned up to see the Beatle's one show in this natural amphitheatre, leaving 2,000 seats unoccupied. What???

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 25, 1964 (Tuesday)-

The 2nd day in Bel Air (resting) between concerts. Tomorrow - Colorado!

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The Beatles 50 years ago today: August 24, 1964 (Monday)-

The Beatles resting in Bel Air for the first of two days.

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