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The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 23, 1970

The Beatles' Let It Be sets an advance record order, with over four million copies ordered before it is released.

And...Fluxfest continues with “Portrait of John Lennon as a Young Cloud.” This piece features an entire wall covered with 100 drawers. All but one are empty; the exception being a drawer that holds “John’s smile.”

And...-Paul McCartney's solo album, McCartney, reaches #1 in the US charts.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 22, 1970

Workmen renovating John Lennon and Yoko Ono’s 18th-century Georgian mansion in Ascot (Tittenhurst), call out the bomb squad when they discover an unexploded incendiary shell.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 21, 1970

So, this happened back in 1963....

Playhouse Theatre, London

Two separate sessions for BBC Radio. The first session was for Saturday Club, a special occasion in that it was the Beatles first top of the bill appearance on this program. It began with a rehearsal from 2:30, the actual recording taking place between 5:30 and 6:30 pm. The tape was then inserted into the next edition of the series, broadcast on the Light Programme between 10:00 and 12:00 noon on May 25th.

In addition to some witty conversation with host Brian Matthew, the Beatles performed six songs, "I saw her standing there", "Do you want to know a secret", "Boys", "Long tall Sally", "From me to you", "Money (That's what I want)". The last three numbers fell within the last half hour of the program, simultaneously broadcast by the BBC's General Oversees Service.

After a 45 minute break for dinner, the Beatles returned to the Playhouse to rehearse and record a new show for the Light Programme, "Steppin Out", broadcast on 'Bank Holiday', Monday, June 3rd. Before playing their first couple of numbers. Diz Disley, host of the show, introduced the Beatles - "We have four young fella's who, since they emerged from the trackless interior of Merseyside a mere matter of months ago, have been playing 'em in the aisles all over the Isles - from Land's End to John O'Groats - so mind your backs, wacks, for it's the earth-shaking sounds of The Beatles!". This was typical "hip" radio speak for pop radio and TV programs for the day.

Before a very enthusiastic audience, the Beatles performed six songs, "Please please me", "I saw her standing there", "Roll over Beethoven", "Twist and Shout", "Thank You Girl", and "From me to you". "Twist and Shout" was edited out of the broadcast tape, however.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 20, 1970

The Beatles’ final film Let It Be premiered today in Britain, with simultaneous screenings in the north and south of England. The Beatles ......or the group...did not attend.

The southern event was held at the London Pavilion, with guests including Richard Lester, Mary Hopkin, Spike Milligan, Lulu, Simon Dee and EMI boss Sir Joseph Lockwood. Several members of The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac also attended, as did around 50 Hare Krishna followers.

Although The Beatles didn’t attend, two notable figures from their past were present. Cynthia Lennon and Jane Asher were among the invited guests, two years after they split from John Lennon and Paul McCartney respectively.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 19, 1970

Back in 1965...

The number one song in the US on May 16, 1965 was Ticket to Ride by The Beatles.


The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 18, 1970

The Beatles’ final LP, Let It Be, was issued in the United States 10 days after the UK release.

The US edition of Let It Be didn’t come with the box set and glossy paperback book. Its cheaper price, together with the absence of any new Beatles long-players since Abbey Road in October 1969, meant it was an enticing prospect for record buyers.

At the time, Let It Be had the highest number of advance orders for any album in the US record industry, with an astonishing 3,700,000 orders placed. The album retailed at $7, creating a gross sales figure of $25,900,000 before it was even released.

As United Artists was the distributor of the Let It Be film, it also had the rights to distribute the soundtrack album in America. Capitol, meanwhile, retained the rights to release songs from Let It Be as singles and on compilation albums.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 17, 1970

Back in 1963


The Beatles at the Grosvenor Rooms - Prince of Wales Rd. Norwich, Norfolk

A £250 booking, arranged in mid-April through London promoter Barry Clayman.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 16, 1970

Back on this day in 1968

Studio Two, EMI Studios, London

A long day of overdubs, mixing and copying some of the best mixes up to date. "Taxman" received its final ingredient (the "One, two, three, four" into) and was then mixed into mono, and Paul overdubbed his lead vocal onto "For No One".

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 15, 1970

Back on this day in 1963

Royalty Theatre, City Road, Chester, Cheshire

The Beatle's repertoire on this night comprised "Some Other Guy", "Thank You Girl", "Do You Want To Know A Secret", "Please Please Me", "You Really Got A Hold On Me", "I Saw Her Standing There", and "From Me To You".

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 14, 1970

Back in 1963

The Beatles - Rink Ballroom, Park Lane, Sunderland, Durham