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The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 13, 1970

The Beatles' movie, "Let It Be," has its world premiere in New York. None of the former Beatles attend. The film will open in the UK on May 20.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 12, 1970

Back on this day in 1963

Alpha Television Studios, Aston, Birmingham

A return visit to Aston for the Beatles first bill-topping appearance on the ABC Television show "Thank Your Lucky Stars", taped this afternoon for transmission six days later, Saturday May 18th, between 5:55 and 6:35 pm.

For the first time, the Beatles mimed to more than one song in a TYLS broadcast: "From Me To You", and also LP track "I Saw Her Standing There".

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 11, 1970

US release of The Beatles’ single, The Long and Winding Road / For You Blue (Apple). 10 weeks on Billboard chart; highest position #1.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 10, 1970

On this day back in 1965....

Cliveden House, Cliveden, Maidenhead, Berkshire and Studio Two, EMI Studios, London

The outside view of Buckingham Palace was seen in Help! (filmed on May 12) but there was, of course, no way that permission could be obtained for the Beatles to film inside the real edifice. Instead, the Beatles went to the sumptuous Cliveden House, situated by the River Thames in leafy Berkshire, built in 1850-51 and presently owned and preserved by the National Trust.

The Beatles filmed here over two days, looking out of a window on the east side of the house, playing cards in the "French" dining room, also shooting the brief but fascinating "Intermission" sequence in Bluebell Wood, in a section of the extensive Cliveden grounds.

During the evening the Beatles returned to London for a recording session at EMI, where - taping especially for the US record market - John steered the group through two of his favorite songs by the American rocker Larry Williams: "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" and "Bad Boy". Both were completed between 8:00 am and 11:30 pm and 1:15 in the morning. George Martin took away the mix tapes and dispatched them by airfreight the next day to Hollywood, and within five weeks they were in the record stores, on the Capitol-compiled LP Beatles VI.

Being well versed at performing such material from their pre-fame stage days, the Beatles played both songs live in the studio, with minimal overdubbing. "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" was perfected in seven takes, using only three of available four tracks. "Bad Boy" was recorded in just four takes.

At best, so the music press reported at the time, the songs might turn up on a British EP later in the year. In fact, "Dizzy Miss Lizzy" was included on the upcoming Help! album but "Bad Boy" wasn't issued in the UK until the December 1966 compilation A Collection Of Beatles Oldies.

Source: The Complete Beatles Chronicles- Mark Lewisohn

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 9, 1970

Fluxfest continues with “Weight and Water by John And Yoko,” which involves flooding the Canal Street exhibition room.

Richard Williams ends his in-depth Melody Maker review of the Let It Be album by writing: “The Beatles are dead...Long live the Beatles.”



The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 8, 1970

The final Beatles album was first released on 8th May, 1970, just prior to the launch of the cinema film of the same name.

Rehearsals and recording sessions for the album had taken place in January, 1969 first At Twickenham Film Studios and later in the basement and on the roof of their Apple headquarters in London's Savile Row.

A single comprising of "Get Back" and "Don't Let Me Down" was released in April, 1969 but as The Beatles focussed their energies on a new album mainly recorded at Abbey Road, The "Get Back" album as it was then called remained unreleased.

Once Abbey Road had been issued and the completion of the documentary film now imminent, it was noticed that rehearsals of George's song "I Me Mine" featured prominently in the film but had not been recorded in the studio. This was remedied on 3rd January, 1970 when George, Paul and Ringo performed it without John who was in Denmark. A second single from the album, which was now titled Let It Be appeared on 6th March.

Up to now the idea behind the album had been to capture the group "live in the studio" without overdubs or effects but this changed when producer, Phil Spector was brought in to re-produce the tracks. The Long And Winding Road, which had been given a new musical arrangement featuring orchestra and choir, was released as a single in the US and other markets but not the UK and became the group's final # 1 single.

The album reached no. 1 for a three week stay during its 59 week chart stay. In the US, the album enjoyed a four week stay at #1 during an initial chart life of 55 weeks.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 7, 1970

On this day in 1963

Paul, George & and Ringo vacationing in Tenerife. John and Brian Epstein vacationing in Spain.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 6, 1970

On this day back in 1964....

While the Beatles are on vacation, their own Around the Beatles was a 1964 television special featuring the Beatles, produced by Jack Good for ITV/Rediffusion London. It was taped in IBC Studios in London on 19 April 1964, and broadcast internationally, with its initial airing on 6 May 1964, and in the US on the ABC network on 15 November. The show featured other performers as well, with the Beatles providing backing vocals for some of them.

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 5, 1970

Back in 1968....

Mary Hopkin appears on Opportunity Knocks

The Beatles - A Day in The Life: May 4, 1970

Back in 1967

Studio Three, EMI Studios, London

The overdub of trumpets onto "Magical Mystery Tour", played by David Mason (his third Beatles session in as many months), Elgar Howarth, Roy Copestake and John Wilbraham. Each musician was paid £30: £15 for the basic session and an additional £15 because it ran over time, starting at 7:00 pm, but not finishing until 12:15 am.

Source: The Complete Beatles Chronicle - Mark Lewisohn